7-Year-Old Rockstar Makes Judge Fall Out Of His Seat!


People, the 7-year-old rockstar Xia Vigor has hit the stage yet again!

This child prodigy, born and brought up in Devon, England, but currently residing in the Philippines, has already claimed several hearts with her imitation of Taylor Swift.

And now she has returned to the stage yet again in the Filipino TV series Your Face Sounds Familiar.

However, as a demonstration of her admirable versatility, she has changed her act from imitations of Taylor Swift to an impeccable imitation of Axl Rose, the lead singer from rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Surely you’re at least a little stunned by this sudden and drastic genre leap! Well the judges were just as stunned as anyone else.

Watch the video below and witness her awesomeness!

This little performer could capture the very essence of Rose, his patented look, scream, strut, everything. In fact, for the sake of authenticity, she even wore fake armpit hair!

She confidently belts out the lyrics and melodies to the band’s most popular single “Sweet Child o’ Mine”.

During a break in the song she even struts over to the judges in classic Axl Rose style and one of the judges is so blown away by the resemblance that he almost falls out of his chair!

With a flip of her hair she goes back to her singing, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

The large screens also bear images of the actual Axl Rose so people can see the resemblance for themselves! It’s uncanny!

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