51 Images That Prove That Makeup Makes A Big Difference

In an ideal world we would all accept the way we look, and the need for makeup would be non-existent. However, people really care about how they are judged on by their looks. Here are 51 examples of how makeup makes a massive difference to the way we look. 


1. It makes her look totally different, look at those eyes!

via Instagram / @makeupby_christina


2. It’s the little details that make the biggest impact

via Instagram / @xmelissamakeupx


3. Simple but effective

via Instagram / @blushenbytiff


4. That lipstick totally changes her S-Factor

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5. The second image doesn’t even look real

via Tina Yong


6. A pretty effort for a special occassion

via Instagram / @beautyologisttei


7. She looks healthier and happier

via Vadim Andreev


8. She just looks beautiful

via Instagram / @theamyclarke


9. A touch of makeup and voila

via Instagram / @hellodarlingriverside


10. The lashes add a lot of impact

via Instagram / @makeupbydanna


11. Subtle changes but she looks amazing

via Instagram / @theamyclarke


12. From cute to damn …

via Instagram / @jadeywadey180


13. She looks a lot younger now

via Instagram / @jadeywadey180


14. Young and beautiful

via Mika Does Makeup


15. Once again, the eyelashes make a big difference in the eyes

via Instagram / @thelovelyirina


16. On her wedding day

via Pink Diamonds


17. Bride looks gorgeous on her big day

via Instagram / @daneildoesmakeupnotmagic


18. The makeup here is amazing

via Instagram / @thelovelyirina


19. Strange but it just shows the difference

via Instagram / @aw


20. It really compliments her well

via Instagram / @danieldoesmakeupnotmagic


21. Beautiful big eyes

via Instagram / @makeupbymarianna


22. Another stunning bride

via Nicole Rogers Makeup


23. DIY Makeup

via Instagram / @berry_wendy


24. Before and After … just look at the eyes and hair

via Instagram / @kenn.hibiki


25. Sometimes simple is the best method

via Essence


26. Step by Step to get a natural beautiful look

via Instagram / @samerkhouzami


27. She looks like something from a movie

via Instagram / @samerkouzami


28. Her makeup compliments her lovely smile

via Makeup Bee


29. The hair changes it up

via Maskcara


30. She looks more colourful in the second image

via Instagram / @makeupby_christina


31. Ready to get married

via Instagram / @blushenbytiff


32. Those extra eyelashes bring out the eyes

via Instagram / @beautybyyaz


33. Hardworking mom’s need makeovers too

via Maskcara


34. Red lipstick stands out

via Instagram / @makeupbymarianna


35. Looking great to celebrate a birthday

via Instagram / @makeupbybo


36. Her eye colour stands out now

via Vadim Andreev


37. Small changes make the world of difference

via Elite Makeup Designs


38. Wow … Ready for the red carpet

via Instagram / @xmelissamakeupx


39. Ready to help her best friend get married

via Instagram / @jadeywadey180


40. The difference in her hair is awesome

via Tina Yong


41. It’s all in the eyes

via Instagram / @beautycrowd


42. The eyes are stunning here

via Instagram / @alcantaramakeup


43. Totally different, in a good way

via Vadim Andreev


44. Beautiful, with or without the makeup

via Instagram / @makeupartistale


45. An easy to follow guide

via Instagram / @courtmontes


46. Getting ready to party in style

via Instagram / @event_cosmetics


47. Going for the natural look

via Instagram / @makeupby_christina


48. She looks a lot younger in the after picture

via Instagram / @muse_studios_hair_makeup


49. Check the difference in her eyes

via Instagram / @andreterrellemua


50. Make up done as Anne Hathaway

via Instagram / @pochoy_29


51. Morphed into Cara Delevingne

via Instagram / @pochoy_29