4 Everyday Products That Can Adversely Impact Your Skin

There are certain products that can very clearly affect the way your face looks.

If you consume an excess of these products, experts can actually guess what the product is based on the way your skin looks!

These are the four products you should only consume in moderation.

1. Sugar.

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Sugar gets attached to the collagen in your skin, which makes it harder. This makes you look a lot older than you are.

2. Gluten.

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If you consume too much of wheat, rye, oats, etc, your face can develop a puffy and swollen appearance. You will also develop lots of dark patches on your chin.

3. Milk.

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Dairy products are great in moderation, however if you consume too much of them you’ll start aging a lot faster than you would otherwise. As we grow older, our body’s ability to break down lactose decreases, and as a result it affects our skin. We develop pimples on the chin, our eyes start looking droopy, and we develop bags under the eyes as well.

4. Wine.

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Wine contains a lot of sugar and some chemicals that can have an adverse impact on your skin. As a result wine also impacts your liver and digestion, causing a number of different problems. As a result, your smiles may seem strained, your skin develops a redness, and your pores will expand.

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