30 Minute Battle Lands Fisherman With 100 Pound Beast

Only prepared with a small reel, this fisherman never could have imagined winning a half hour match with this large fish. 

Riahn Brewington was fishing in the north east of the Cape Fear river when he felt the usual tug on the reel that brews hope and excitement.

The South Carolina man began the usual practice of reeling in his prize, but it would not be that easy for the fisherman. A tug of war commenced and would last a total of 30 minutes.

“I was expecting him to snap my line.” Brewington explained that he was unprepared with only a small line.

When Brewington finally pulled in the catfish it weighed a massive 112 pounds.

“I didn’t realize how big he was until I got my hand underneath him.” Brewington said.

While it was the biggest fish Brewington had ever pulled, it was unfortunately just five pounds shy of the state record.

After taking photos for future bragging rights, Brewington released the fish back into the river.

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