24 Horrible But Hilarious Christmas Presents


Christmas is a stressful time of the year and we often leave it too late to go out and grab some decent gifts for our loved ones. Take at look at these terrible gifts that people actually received on Christmas day. 

1. This is what happens when you tell Grandma that you have a boyfriend

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2. “My father has a prosthetic leg. This is a gift that my aunt gave to him for Christmas.”

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3. Well at least the hard work is done for you!

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4. Not the best wrapping I’ve ever seen

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5. Does it, does it not?


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6. Perfect for the men this one …

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8. Aha, very funny

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9. You just gotta do it

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10. Oh wow, that’s harsh

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11. Be grateful for whatever you receive, even if it’s a unicorn onesie

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12. When grandparents think you’re still 12

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13. Such a sad sob story

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14. Perfect present to give on the big day

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15. At least it looks creative

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16. This one is actually pretty awesome, and weird at the same time

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17. Whatever makes him happy I guess

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18. There’s something creepy about this

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19. When your kid is obsessed with Frozen .. I feel sorry for her

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20. I can’t even think about it …

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21. She did get what she wanted

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22. Some people just don’t have lucky in the lady department

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23. So many choices!

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24. Daddy will be so happy when he sees this

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Have you had worse gifts than these? Post a picture or story of the worst gift you’ve ever received in the comments!