24 Funny People Who Just Want To Make You Laugh

We all love people who are funny. People who can make us laugh. Perhaps that’s because life can be difficult, and humor is always the best coping mechanism.

So here’s to 24 people who are really quite funny and help us deal with life!

1. This skeleton has a sense of humor!



2. Burritos in the cup holder.


3. That ought to be awkward.


4. This is one brutally funny teacher.

Imgur | WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeW

5. You got served!

Reddit | DCPatentAtty

6. Gee, thanks Dad!

Reddit | EverythingFerns

7. Long live funny pranks!

Reddit | Thesteelman86

8. How romantic!

Reddit | LeEpicRedditorXDDD

9. Solved it!

Reddit | freditoj

10. Loopholes in your fitness regimen.

Reddit | drmtnpepperman

11. Pizza is life. Pizza is love.

Reddit | funktastic2416

12. She seems correct.

Reddit | [deleted]

13. How elegant.


14. Spidey is a perv!

Reddit | chynncarmen

15. But that’s how you learn.

Reddit | l33jiyoung

16. Nothing. They’re reading nothing.

Reddit | empty_the_quiver

17. We all need a funny uncle in our lives.

Imgur | tomcolumbus

18. Make sense?

Reddit | wingsntexans

19. He’s happy to help.

Imgur | forgottenastronauts

20. Oh hell no!

Reddit | PoopyMcDoopy

21. Photoshop can get you the adventure of a lifetime!

Reddit | AbsintheCube

22. This penguin is willing to take all your load.

Reddit | mollydoll

23. The egg will soon be fertilized.

Reddit | StanleyVallone

24. The human mind is a wonderful thing.