23 Things That Are Surprisingly Legal In Some US States

Some of the US States really are quite unique!

While the US might have its fair share of problems, they do offer certain freedoms that no other country would. Some of these “freedoms” might be straight up ridiculous, and some might be quite progressive. We’ll let you decided which is which.

The following is a list of 23 things that are still technically legal in some US States!

1. Drunk Driving.

via Whitewood Herald

In Mississippi driving while being under the influence isn’t illegal.

2. Bestiality

via Kool News

In 12 US States there are no laws prohibiting bestiality.

3. Owning a Bear.


There are 9 US States in which it is legal to capture and own a bear!

4.  Sunglasses while driving at Night.

In Washington it is perfectly okay to wear sunglasses while driving, even at night! Sure, it may make you a total douchebag, but not a criminal.

5. Owning a Flamethrower!

It is legal to own and use a Flamethrower in 40 US States!

6. Corporal punishment.

via Psychology Today

In 19 US states it’s still legal for teachers to spank their students for misbehaving!

7. Barefoot driving.

via Parenting The Teen Driver

You can drive without shoes anytime anywhere!

8. Getting children drunk.

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The legal drinking age is 21. However, parents in Massachusetts are allowed to provide alcohol to kids even before that age

9. Being Nude in public!

via Meloplasty

Women can walk around without a top in every state except Utah, Indiana and Tennessee.

10. Taser gun ownership.

In 43 US States it is allowed for you to own taser guns.

11. Tank ownership.

via Wild Ammo

In almost all the US States it is perfectly legal for you to own and use tanks!

12. Roadkill meal.

via Wikipedia

If you kill an animal on the road, you are allowed to take it home for dinner!

13. Cheating in casinos.

via Today I Found Out

You can’t get arrested for counting cards in casinos.

14. Traveling on the back of a pickup truck.

This practice is allowed in 20 US States.

15. Cousin-cest.

via Wiki / The Simpsons

In 11 US States you are allowed to marry your own cousin.

16. Sending Nude images to anyone.

via Billboard

In Georgia, it is legal for you to send dick pics to anyone you want without any legal repercussions.

17. Salvia.

Salvia is a strong hallucinogen which is allowed in 50 US States.

18. Texting while on the wheels.

via Post and Courier

West Virginia still allows people to text and drive.

19. Cannibals.



While murder is definitely illegal, eating an already dead human being isn’t technically illegal in a lot of US States.

20. Missile launchers.

via YouTube / Unknown Player

In South Carolina it is legal to own and launch a missile!

21. Shooting in your own backyard.

via The Homestead Survival

In Florida you are allowed to use your backyard as a shooting range, as long as you don’t fire onto the street or into occupied houses.

22. Strainers for hats in Official IDs.

via News Forage

If you identify as a Pastafarian by religion, then you’re allowed to wear a pasta strainer on your head while taking photographs, even Official ones.

23. Discrimination based on sexuality.

via University of Michigan

Same-sex marriage might have been legalized, but in 29 different US States employers still have the right to fire someone based on their sexual orientation.

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