23 People Who Have Screwed Up In Life

Don’t you just hate it when you screw up something simple? We all slip up at times, we can all do things that are screwed up, and then we beat ourselves up about our mistakes.

However, when you’re feeling bad about yourself, it’s good to know that there are others out there who have screwed up even worse than you. So this a list of people who have screwed up really bad! Hope this makes you feel better about yourself.

1. This person is clearly no chef.


Reddit | dusty1993

2. This person clearly has no idea how to use a cutting board.

Reddit | [deleted]

3. This person found a nice parking spot.

Reddit | iamfromwinnipeg

4. This guy screwed up the tattoo. That’s not how you spell ‘achieve’ dude.

Reddit | AmbassadorMollari

5. This guy screwed up the whole oven

Reddit | [deleted]

6. This person screwed up basic geography on live TV!

Reddit | pclov3r

7. This outlet is clearly inept at ‘home improvement’.

Reddit | V1D30GUY12

8. This person screwed up stealing gas!


Reddit | beernerd

9. This is not going well.


Reddit | chris1121555

10. That isn’t really a left hand turn lane though.

Reddit | trstmeimadoctor

11. This guy screwed up basic spelling, twice!

Instagram | @douch.e

12. This guy destroyed waffles!


Reddit | alderno

13. Is that a drinking fountain? Who knows!

Tumblr | algrenion

14. Elbows, thighs, what’s the difference!

Reddit | Isai76

15. Sexting your dad is about as screwed up as you can get.

Instagram | @savagerealm

16. Screwing up basic clothing!


Reddit | TcoTheol

17. Screwing up the juice carton!


reddit | Monster-_-

18. No. YOU’RE the idiot.

Reddit | LebowskiDude

19. He screwed up the beans.


Reddit | iamnotanasian

20. That’s a new selfie angle.

Reddit | antani2

21. You do realise those are mannequins, right?

Reddit | GuitrDad

22. Because that’s a dial phone! He can’t text a dial phone!

Reddit | Xanius

23. That’s not man’s best friend!


Reddit | skizmcniz