23 Parenting Life Hacks That You'll Be Really Grateful For

Parenting can often be a really difficult task. It’s impossible to keep track of all your kids, their needs, their lives, and lead your own as well. Sometimes, it feels like you’re leading several lives at once. However, parenting can be just a little less daunting with the right preparation.

So read these 23 amazing parenting hacks, and just make things a little easier on yourself!

1. This is how you detect kids.


2. Use a rubber band to help your kids hold a pencil for the first few times..


3. Glue the holes within their bath time toys.

This will prevent the growth of moulds, and will make them more durable.

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4. Use glitter on the notes you give them as Tooth Fairy.

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5. Use cardboard to create an indoor slide.

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6. Magnetic cups so that you don’t keep losing them.

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7. Create a chart outlining all the chores.

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8. Use the muffin cups as popsicle liners to prevent the juice from spilling over.

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9. Use a shower caddy to carry around food when traveling.

They don’t occupy much space, and they’re very well organized!

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10. Use these kangaroo-style mittens to keep both your palms warm.


11. Lock all the adapters around the house.


12. A bib hanger can be attached to the backs of furniture.

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13. Keep track of medicine intake by labeling the bottle itself.

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14. Use your baby as a mop!

They crawl all over the place anyway, so make them wear something that doubles as a mop! Two birds, one stone!


15. Attach a sliced up lotion bottle to the tap.

This makes it easier to wash your hands.


16. Use bedsheets to cover their playpen and save them from bugs or the harsh sun.

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17. Put clues into the shoes to help them understand which is left and which is right.


18. Use a shower hat, always.

This will prevent water or soap from running into their eyes.


19. Parenting during crafts session just got easier with a lint roller.

When kids get all excited and decide to throw all the glitter around, use a lint-roller to collect all of it.


20. Use sauce packs to hold pacifiers..

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21. Parenting gets better when you can simply hand over clothes. So use the dot system!

Attach a single dot for your first kid, two dots for the second, and so forth. Every time you pass the clothes onto your younger kid, just add a dot to it. You can track who wears what at the current moment.

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22. Parenting is faster and quicker with this combination of strollers and scooters!

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23. A shoe hanger can help you organize games and toys!

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