23 Hilarious Tweets About The Difficulties Of Marriage

Keeping a marriage strong can be really tiring. However, the attempts to hold your marriage together can be really funny as well!

These 23 images show how marriage problems can sometimes be comedic gold!


1. In celebration of their Divorce.

Twitter | @_emmabecerra


2. This is only funny if it’s a joke.

Twitter | @StellaGMaddox


3. Marriage is all about knowing when to give each other space.

Twitter | @sandy_manzy


4. That’s how she was testing you.

Reddit | StarskyAndHutch


5. Marriage is about synchronicity.

Instagram | @kalesalad


6. Cherish those memories.

Twitter | @MommaUnfiltered


7. Sometimes marriage is also about being sneaky.

Reddit | Standard_Candle


8. Well, if the drunk you liked it…

Reddit | twoforjoy


9. Marriage sexts.

Twitter | @cjohnsonking5


10. How charming.

Twitter | @scoccaro


11. You don’t always need to share things.

Reddit | jimmyg4life


12. What’s gonna’ happen now?

Twitter | @LanetteL


13. That makes marriage sound almost easy.

Twitter | @DanielRCarrillo


14. When Princess Bride is your inspiration for marriage.

Reddit | MorganaLeFaye


15. He was being clever.

Twitter | @wendyrollins


16. At least they’re communicating.

Reddit | thesockbunny


17. This ought to really upset her.

Reddit | Goodgardo


18. Don’t move an inch!

Twitter | @simoncholland


19. Oh husbands.

Twitter | @MyhangMortgage


20. Enough, just enough.

Twitter | @Naziirahel Twitter | @Naziirahel


Twitter | @Naziirahel Twitter | @Naziirahel


Twitter | @Naziirahel


21. This seems like a serious argument in the making.

Twitter | @simoncholland


22. She knows who’s the main man in her life.

Twitter | @paige_russsell


23. As long as it’s not permanent marker.

Reddit | [deleted]

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