23 Times A Liar Got Busted On Social Media

Social Media is full of liars. It makes sense, you can easily modify everything you say or do, and if you’re clever, you might just get away with it.

However, if you’re going to be a liar, you might as well be clever about it! There’s nothing sadder than a liar who has been caught out, like these poor souls.

1. Did you work away your belly button as well?


2. “And I only accidentally took like 60 selfies before this one.”

reddit | Elephantmenstruation

3. If it weren’t photoshopped, it would be even worse.


4. Dude, seriously? Do you not know how reflections work?

Know Your Meme

5. Respect copyright.


6. And she’s defending it!


reddit | Doxep

7. When actually breaking the arm is too much effort.

reddit | DrsansPhD

8. You’re either a liar, or your ‘bae’ is your right hand.

Know Your Meme

9. That’s embarrassing.

reddit | Tech Blog

10. Are you the blue Tumblr boy?

reddit | TheOfficialJonzo

11. This is honestly the most creepy liar ever.

reddit | kazimir22

12. Girl, this is all over the internet.

reddit | Pnshr

13. Are people really that desperate for relationships?

Viral Nova

14. A secret admirer or plain creepiness?

reddit | toiletghost

15. Congrats, you got the best seat in your living room!

reddit | lilj2282

16. She woke up like this.

reddit | Doxep

17. Got served by Taco Bell.

reddit | Friendly220

18. Liar!

Instagram | @taa.louisiana.hotsauce

19. You’ve got problems girl.

reddit | theempires

20. Please check for watermarks next time.

reddit | Bluestarrz

21. This photo is for real. Just messing with you, move on.

Instagram | @mirandakerr

22. Reflections always tell the truth.

reddit | uhLuke_

23. Been craving some thigh gap.

reddit | BenNCM


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