22 Ingenious Uses Of Duct Tape To Make Everything Easier

Duct tape is one of those magical products that can be useful in almost any situation. Aside from its most common uses, duct tape can fix all sorts of problems and help out in dozens of ways. Let’s look at some examples!

1. Got a hole or chip in one of your cups? Wrap some duct tape around to prevent any leaks.


2. Losing air from a tire? Duct tape is your friend.

Four Wheeler Network

3. It can even be used as an improvisational band-aid.

Wide Open Spaces

4. Duct tape is perfect for fixing up old shoes.

saxophones | Instructables

5. Holes in the tent? No problem.

2 Fly America

6. Duct tape can even help you to open those tricky jars.


7. This one is really smart.


8. You can make your own dress manikin with duct tape!


9. Use colored tape to decorate bags and other accessories!


10. A bit of duct tape on the bottom of some shoes can help to add more grip and prevent you from slipping over.


11. A bit of tape can also prevent your feet from rubbing against your shoes, keeping you safe from blisters and chafing.

Kylie Sue.. That will do!

12. It can even be used to make a sling in emergency situations.

cloudifornia | Instructables

13. Make some cushion covers from duct tape for your lawn furniture.

Instructables | annahowardshaw

14. A bit of duct tape can be used to make a smart pouch for your phone, rather than leaving it lying around on the floor.

Thinking and Learning

15. Duct tape all over this canoe prevents any leakage!


16. In a real emergency, you can even use duct tape to make a stretcher! Yep, it’s that strong!

cloudifornia | Instructables

17. Wrap some tape around a roller and use it to gather up pet hair and dust around the home.

The Todd & Erin Favorite Five

18. Got a nasty wart? Cover it in duct tape for a while.

carl.myhill | Instructables

19. Make your own sled with the magic of duct tape.

Artzy Creations

20. You can even use it to make a hammock!

Dadzilla | Instructables

21. Use duct tape to make stencils and design your own clothes.

Instructables | craft within reach

22. Need to hang up some clothes to dry? Make your own clothesline!

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