21 Exes Who Were All Set On Taking Revenge

Relationships can be terrible, we get it. We’ve all been there, no matter how great they may be initially, they can often end up disastrously. However, some people just can’t let go gracefully, they have to resort to taking revenge in a number of ways.

No matter how terrible your relationship might have been, don’t seek revenge like these people.

1. A pregnancy scare is the worst scare.

reddit | Woodshadow

2. That’s what happens when you mess with a Vampire Slayer!

Imgur | Bhart2290

3. The frosting on her revenge.

reddit | omnicidal

4. This is how you know you still hold a torch for her.

reddit | internetinventor

5. Are you calling yourself the crazy ex?

reddit | pupperpancakes

6. The craziness keeps pouring in.

reddit | chitibang

7. Your revenge needs to be advertised.

reddit | Neemo53

8. Planning your revenge for 2 years.

Twitter | @Shelbybeth74

9. A message on the sink.

reddit | dgmegsta

10. Throwing out your stuff.


reddit | lpmark04

11. This is sad.


12. This is a bit stranger.

bc9763eb-8b1f-4180-8837-92ba22bbf343 (2)


13. Okay, this is starting to seem less like a coincidence.


14. This is straight up creepy!


15. Craziness overload.

reddit | georgism

16. Oh snap!

Instagram | @trashyqueen_

17. I hope this is just a joke.

Instagram | @alcohoel

18. Well they’re clearly in your mind though.

reddit | ronlechler

19. That’s how you keep someone from walking out!

reddit | Hormander

20. Revenge in cartoon form.

reddit | bdubdubdub

21. Not cool dude.


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