20 Times Where Pizzas Have Been A Total Failure

Everyone loves the slice of pizza, whether it be a simple cheese topping or a gigantic meat feast, there is something to please everyone. What’s not so pleasing is the presentation that the pizza comes in, have a look at these awful presentations of a well loved classic, pizza!


1. I would not be happy with this

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2. What the hell is this …

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3. Who actually cuts a pizza like this!?

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4. Sometimes pizza has many uses

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5. Nooo not the pizza!!




6. Someone care to explain this one?

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7. Bruno needs to rethink his pizza design

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8. They were clearly too drunk

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9. The cat sits where it wants to sit

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10. So much love for the pepperoni

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11. Well that escalated fast

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12. What a waste

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13. Okay then …

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14. At least you would have one tasty side of the pizza

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15. The pizza affair

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16. The best of both worlds

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17. This is a heart attack on a plate

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18. Put it in the safe spot

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19. They are all at it …

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20. This brings back horrible memories

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