20 Times Husbands Captured The Essence Of Marriage In Tweets

Married life can seem all romantic initially. And it’s great that you no longer have to be worried about loneliness. However, married life can be tricky. These husbands expose just how difficult it can be to get married.

1. Sometimes you’re just not in the sharing mood.

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2. Husbands are always wrong.

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3. This is how you conduct business.

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4. The bane of all husbands.

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5. You learn something new everyday.

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6. Spam her into submission.

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7. Husbands are always just about to start doing chores.

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8. Star Wars is ending this marriage.

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9. What did you think they were talking about?

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10. When you’re all set to feed the cat.

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11. You can’t smart-talk your way out of this mess.

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12. She is your mouthpiece.

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13. Everyone knows this.

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14. Everything?

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15. Who are these “better people”?

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16. Husbands need to be kept on a tight leash.

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17. Sigh. Just once…

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18. He wants to be a hero.

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19. Have fun with that.

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20. That private detective would have quite an adventure with this one.

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