20 People Who Clearly Did NOT Have Luck On Their Sides

Sometimes the hand of fate is really cruel to you. It can’t be helped, bad stuff happens! We can only hope that luck is on our side, and we never encounter those terrible situations ourselves!

In this article we share 20 images of people who have just been out of luck in life!

1. When the scoop topples over.


2. Running with the gas pipe.

reddit | beernerd

3. That’s about to go real sour real soon.

reddit | mykeuk

4. This duck does NOT have luck on its side!

reddit | Dexter_Jettster

5. When all is lost.

reddit | o0Baconer0o

6. Marking your territory.

reddit | Se7en_Sinner

7. He needs better luck with the gears!

reddit | JakeBlanchy

8. “My cat stole my lollipop!”

reddit | GabbiKat

9. Got your head stuck in the can.

Fun Cage

10. Deleting your existence.

Twitter | @Erin_Safran

11. When the rollercoaster stops midway…


12. It’s a chain reaction.

reddit | calliope24

13. The car is out of luck.

Fun Cage

14. Worst decision anyone ever made.

reddit | Kartingf1Fan

15. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Yes it did, it sure did.


16. When you’re stuck in stone.

reddit | Syckwun

17. That’s pretty far off.

Fun Cage

18. When this happens…

reddit | ScOttyfarms2

19. Iced out.

reddit | ry4

20. Too bad.

reddit | soundgodjr

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