20 Horrendous Wedding Cakes That Have The Potential To Ruin That Special Day

Every bride envisions the perfect wedding day. However, it’s very easy for things to go awry. These unlucky couples had shortcomings in the form of the all-important wedding cake. 

They are supposed to be the sweet finish to an amazing day, unfortunately these wedding cakes left a sour taste in people’s mouths.

1. Both are white with three tiers… and the similarities end there!

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2. It’s not over until the cake makes it out alive.

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3. The tragic cake-stopper shortage of 2016.



4. A pile of white cream is always inviting…

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5. The after party was so on fire, it left a hot mess of a cake.

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6. Always leave it to the professionals.

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7. When you hire a student from ‘Intro to Piping 101.’

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8. “We met on Yellow Goop Mountain.”

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9. When the Italian theme goes to far…

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10. Nailed it.



11. I hope this cake gets washed away.

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12. When the baker gets creative with office supplies.

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13. A professional made this? There are no words.

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14. Is there a Cheesecake Factory nearby?

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15. Some liberties were obviously taken.

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16. Holly Golightly would be appalled.

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17. If only they had stopped while they were ahead…



18. This cake is a train wreck. Literally, they stole the tires off a train.

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19.  “It’s not funny, guys!”



20. It’s very literal. Maybe also a little morbid.

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