20 Hint And Tips That Make A Girl's Life Easier

We all know that being a girl isn’t easy, in fact it’s probably more difficult than being a boy. That’s why it’s important to have some handy little tips and tricks up your sleeve to make you life go that little bit smoother! Check out these awesome ways to make your day even better!


1. Change the style up with these different ways to tie a scarf

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2. Step by Step guide to getting the perfect lips

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3. No need to worry about your sunglasses, check this out!

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4. Get yourself a magnetic board to keep all your goodies on!

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5. Keep yourself cosy with a homemade heating pack, with rice and socks

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6. Look awesome in a matter of seconds

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7. Become a pro overnight, easy!

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8. Get rid of those deodorant stains with easy to use dryer sheets

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9. Take off lint using a pumice brush

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10. Keep your old mascara going by running it under some hot water before using it

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11. Make your candles sparkle

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12. Use hairspray to keep pins in place, you’ll never lose them again!

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13. Get lushes looking lips for longer with this tip

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14. Strange one, but it works, keep pool noodles in your boots, that way they won’t lose their shape

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15. Add a bit of glamour to your old jeans using lace

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16. Good old glitter, back at it again!

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17. Spruce up your old jeans into trendy new shorts

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18. Don’t often use flats? Use baking soda to keep them looking good

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19. Become efficient with your makeup

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20. Get yourself the perfect looking nail polish to match your skin tone

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