20 Crazy Looking Pictures That Look Hilarious On Other People

Getting a tattoo is a life long commitment and is not something you should take lightly. However, there are some idiots out there who couldn’t help themselves and have gotten some ridiculous looking designs. Oh well, now it’s our chance to look back and remember why we don’t get unnecessary tattoos!


1. I don’t know why I am surprised to see this …

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2. Look like a 12 year own has drawn a Pokemon character

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3. When you need to let everyone know, but slight issue there …

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4. Is this serious, or what? I think I’ll pass

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5. The poor thing looks in pain

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6. Oh wow I’m so impressed

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7. Yep, another fantastic idea, he must get all the ladies


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8. I actually find this one funny for some reason

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9. I can see at least two times where he might have messed up in life

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10. Nice recovery

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11. You pay for the brand …

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12. I think we need a vet

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13. Oh how ironic when he goes to get it removed !!

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14. She will feel the cold in winter, unlucky

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15. At least this is a little more creative

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16. It’s the way to go, will save you a fortune in the long run

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17. Well this is awkward

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18. I hate it when I’m not clam

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19. *wolf whistle*

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20. Luckily she can’t see it

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