2 Young Girls Swore They Heard A Faint Cry In The Night, Then They Look In the Irrigation Grate To See This Staring Back A Them

Walking home hand-in-hand one night, two young girls were in the right place at the right time. Thanks to them, one family received a four-legged Christmas miracle.


As the surrounding streets and front yards were empty and they were completely alone, the pair didn’t know what to make of the faint crying noise they heard in the distance. They headed home for the night, promising to return tomorrow for further investigation.

Sure enough, the next day proved no different. The girls heard the same helpless, dog-like whine of the night before with not one animal in sight. They decided enough was enough.

Searching their neighborhood from top to bottom, the girls went on a mission to find the poor creature that clearly needed help. The second they turned the corner, the girls both locked eyes on the red irrigation grate only yards away. It was like looking at an ‘x’ marking the spot.

The nervous pair cautiously made their way over and mustered the courage to steal a peek inside. Staring right back up at them was a shiny, leathery, black nose poking out from the damp darkness.

“We sat out there until the animal-control cop came and then a bunch of animal-control trucks, and then a fire truck came,” one of the girls explained.

A fully grown dog named Zeta was the animal trapped instead, missing from her owner for six days. Rescue team members had no idea how she found her way underground or how the pup was able to survive the depths of winter without food or water for nearly a week!

Waiting patiently for her rescuers, Zeta stayed strong during the dire, stressful situation. After firemen graciously rescued the shivering pup, she was promptly returned home … just in time to spend Christmas with the family.

What could be more heartwarming than that?

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