19 Text Fails That Will Get You Laughing Out In Sheer Joy!

We all make great text blunders. Sometimes our texts auto-correct into something embarrassing, sometimes we simply text something we shouldn’t, and other times we hit ‘post’ before we can actually think about what we’re doing. So look at these text fails and just laugh out loud, glad that it wasn’t you who made that fatal error.

1. Tragedy + Auto-Correct = Comedy.

reddit | decaseman

2. Car with benefits.

imgur | Rypley

3. What were you expecting?

reddit | Xposer

4. Put your foot where your text fingers are.

tumblr | onlyonereason

5. Nope, just the boobsicles and the God Donkey will be it.

FU Auto Correct

6. Pranking your mom.

tumblr | mcwrap

7. That’s pretty awesome bro!

FU Auto Correct

8. Nyooming her out.

tumblr | princesschelse

9. This is a true thing.

reddit | boba_fettuccine

10. Dad has a sense of humor.

We Know Memes

11. Praying Mantis are some of the greatest temptresses.

Funny Junk | antzell

12. Third time’s the charm.

reddit | Generic_xXx

13. Mommy likes to have fun!

The Meta Picture

14. At least he understood what she meant.

FU Auto Correct

15. Always check the number.

reddit | mayssam

16. We all need a good anal before work sometimes.

redditu | I2ecover

17. The phone is kinda’ sexist.

redditu | pabstbluerabbits

18. Is this a homophobic dictionary?

redditu | danieljerrems1

19. That’s what’s important.

The Hollywood Gossip

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