19 Super Easy Cleaning Hacks For All The Lazy People Out There

If you’re happy to leave whatever dust and dirt is hiding behind the lounge a mystery, you’re probably a lazy cleaner. But that’s okay, we are too, and we’re sharing our tips! 

1. Spray a no-wipe cleaner all over your shower whenever you are in there to prevent a monthly scrub down.

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2.  If you use tortillas to hold that delicious meal together, you’ll never need to wash a plate again!

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3. Line your fridge shelves with plastic wrap to make spillage clean-up a breeze!


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4. And… lining the kitchen bench with plastic will make it easy to prep, wrap and toss!

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5. Freshen your home without any scrubbing involved.

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6. Or if plastic is tacky, these washable refrigerator mats are a go!

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7. Reduce musty smells by halving a peeled onion and leaving it in the offensive room for a day or two. The onion will absorb whatever odors are lurking.

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8. If you are still using bar soap (why?) replace with liquid soap because it washes down the drain a lot easier.

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9. Hand wash clothes while washing your body.

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10. Forget hot-water submerged, scrubbing hands, use a dash of vinegar instead.

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11. Clean dust-catching lamp shades with a quick swipe of a lint roller.

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12. Ugh the worst job ever… just got easier!

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13. Erase water spots on your mirrors with some dryer sheets.

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14. Clean your blender with soapy, warm water and the simple press of a button.

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15. Upgrade your kitchenware to timing-saving two-in-ones.

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16. You don’t have an oven liner? Invest.

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17. When you’re making the arduous journey from lounge to fridge, wear these “Swiffer Socks.”

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18. Forget dusting, those handy dryer sheets can be used to wipe down every surface in your home.

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19. Clean your elements easily with some spill-proof bags and ammonia.

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