19 Shocking Things These People Found In Their Home

It’s incredible the kind of things we generally forget in some remote corners of our home. The things we own and don’t even know of! The things we leave behind when we move away. Well, these 19 people found some really strange things in their home and decided to share it with everyone.

1. A giant monopoly board.

A homeowner discovered a giant monopoly board upon taking off the old rugs.

Reddit | Nnewel

2. A giant billboard.

This home had been left vacant for several years. When the new owners moved in they discovered this wonderful relic!

Reddit | ClassyTurkey

3. A forbidden door.

Nothing good ever happens from such ominous doorways.

Reddit | bnrshrnkr

4. A giant hole.

Care to explore the rest of your new home?

Reddit | Colintendo

5. A secret 4×1 bedroom.

Reddit | NukeStorm

6. A literal treasure trove.

A couple was upgrading the kitchen floor when they noticed a safe full of $50,000 in cash, along with a rare and expensive bottle of bourbon, a BINGO card, and a book titled A Guide for the Perplexed!

Imgur | sarmik

7. Clowns in the closet.

A bunch of college kids found a hole in the basement of their home which hid a clown costume along with a bunch of balloons!

Reddit | Join_You_In_The_Sun

8. Bootlegger alcohol.

A dad found a bunch of alcohol bottles that had been illegally smuggled back in the days.

Reddit | _R3BRTH_

9. A work of art.

Upon pulling down a mirror, construction workers found this artwork hanging behind it. It had been there for several decades.

Imgur | ThatCoolKid

10. A companion.

Someone left this creepy/adorable home companion in the attic.

Reddit | Hope_its_a_fart

11. An empty safe.

A man found a safe under his floorboards, but apparently it was all empty!

Reddit | whenifinishlongtexts

12. An antique figurine which had been demanded by Czar Nicholas II himself.

This collector’s item was found in an attic in 1912 and was sold for $5.2 million.

NY Daily News WNYT

13. Hard cash worth $45,000.

A couple was tearing apart their floorboards when they found hard cash worth $45,000!

Imgur | branik12

14. A creepy bunny painting.

This creepy painting was discovered in the basement.

Imgur | LariFari153

15. A completely furnished room for maids and a chef.

When a newlywed couple moved into their family’s inherited estate, they found the kitchen and pantry fully loaded with everything a kitchen could possibly need.

Cefn Park | House Logic

16. A unique floor plan.

While upgrading the family home, a couple stumbled into this intricate floor plan. Guess who had a hand in this?


Reddit | UTLurker

17. Military food.

A teenager was exploring his room when he stumbled into a bag of fully rationed military food. However, it just turned out to be skittles.

Reddit | tingtanguh

18. An ugly baby portrait.

The homeowners discovered a badly done portrait of a chubby baby in the basement.

Reddit | solebiscuits

19. Edition 1 of Action Comics from 1938.

The homeowners had to pack up their things before the bank could seize everything. That’s when they found this mint condition rare comic valued at $1.5 million.

Daily Mail Caters

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