19 Nail Art Tips And Tricks To Really Up Your Manicure Game!

These are a couple of cool Nail Art tips and tricks that are going to make your nails worthy of Paris Fashion Week!

To keep up with all the nail art trends, you’ll need some patience, skill, and a bunch of other essentials.

However, in this article we’ll walk you through all the cool nail art hacks so that you can be at the top of your manicure game in no time!

1. First, before we indulge in nail art, you need to clean your nails. The best way to remove the stains is using toothpaste and scrubbing away at those nails with a brush.


Wacky Laki

2. Now you need all the essentials, polish removers, clippers, filers, etc.


3. White nail polish is incredibly important for great nail art!


Creating Laura

4. Choose the nail style which most suits your fingers.


5. This is the best way to get an even coating of nail polish.


6. A band aid can help with a french manicure.

De Lune

7. This easy tip can get you the perfect french nail art manicure.

Nail Nerd

8. Tape is your best friend right now.


9. The matte look can be achieved with corn starch and clear polish.

An Onion Exposed

10. Use those fishnet stockings for something worthwhile.


11. Use gel pens if you want to create detailed nail art!


Nail Art Couture

12. The ombre effect is pretty simple. Mix the nail polish lightly, dab at it with a sponge, and then place the sponge over your nails!

The Nailasaurus

13. Band aid can help you get the polka dot effect.


14. A layer nail gel can be amazing!

Mint Arrow

15. The plaid design is also quite easy to achieve if you follow the rules.


StyleCaster Nailed It

16.  This is how you get rid of those gel nails.


the Beauty Department

17. Use a nail polish remover to keep your nails clean at all times.

Makeup and Beauty Blog

18. Vaseline can help you get rid of the polish that’s gotten on the skin around your nails!

Charisa Darling

19. Using glue as a base helps you easily detach a nail polish coating you no longer need.

Wacky Laki

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