19 Images Of People Embarrassed Over Social Media

Social Media is basically just one large means for you to embarrass yourself in public. You don’t even need to step out of the house anymore, you can just embarrass yourself from your own sofa!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all embarrassed ourselves at one point or another for an ill-thought comment, post, or typo. So go through these posts and just feel a little better about yourself. There’s no way you could have embarrassed yourself more than these people.

1. That’s probably not the best way for you to be introduced to his Mother.


2. True that.

Imgur | Lassannn

3. That’s a lot of effort for a beach selfie.

Instagram | @nickavallone

4. When you photoshop, look out for the details.

Twitter | @itschanceh

5. Oh boy, someone’s gotta’ sit him down for a talk.

Tumblr | idiotsonfb

6. Right, your ‘girlfriend’ took the picture *wink wink*.

Tumblr | idiotsonfb

7. Keep your parents out of your social media.

reddit | jayhass

8. You need a lesson in basic biology.

Imgur | Lassannn

9. Pen or ink, either way this is an embarrassment.


10. Just digging yourself further in.

Instagram | tvverk

11. It’s ‘Anarchy’ by the way.

reddit | belvedere58

12. It’s ‘cologne’ people! COLOGNE!

reddit | Apostjustforthis

13. You’ve made the right choice.

Twitter | @JetiJig

14. No one’s got your back on this dude.

reddit | Rupispupis

15. When you do anything for a thigh gap.

Instagram | @sextastic

16. Oh girl, this is so funny yet so sad.

Imgur | Lassannn

17. That poor girl on the crapper has some terrible friends.

Imgur | IChangedMyUsernameSoFutureEmployersCantFindMe

18. Learn to READ people!

reddit | GallowBoob

19. Definitely a piece of poop.


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