19 Creative Life Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Magazine Holders

Are you constantly looking for ways to make your life just a little more organised?

These 19 practical life hacks cleverly use magazine holders to help you sort yourself out in a simple, creative way!

1. Sort out your food cans

Simply place your cans on their side and fill the holder!



2. Storing produce.

Your pantry will be so much easier to navigate if you use magazine holders wisely!

via Mimi’s Crafty World!


3. Toilet paper holder.

Practical, and it looks good too!

via ecoisms


4. Sort your hot irons.

Use a decorative magazine holder for a little extra flare in your bathroom!

via Seventeen / Kathleen Kamphausen


5. Holding your hairdryer.

It’s the perfect size!

via lifehacker / Gobi Todic


6. Make a shelf for your food wrap.

Easy access!

via The Wandmaker’s Mother


7.  Housing your yarn.

Get crafty with your crafts!

via laughing purple goldfish


8. Organise your flip-flops.

They may not fit shoes, but they’re perfect for flip-flops and sandals!

via easy homestead | sustainable-ish


9. Organise cutting boards.

Less mess, less stress!


via smartaleck studio


10. Sorting your mail.

Follow this link to learn how to create this brilliant mail organiser!

via The Organised Housewife


11. Organise your makeup.

Never lose a brush again!

via dormify


12. Organising your clutches.

Once again – the perfect fit!

via Perpetually Chic


13. Make an awesome new shelf!

Use this simple tutorial for upcycling magazine holders into shelves!

via Design Sponge


14. Organise cords and wires.

Magazine holders are a great way to conceal messy cords, and hide unattractive items like modems or routers.

via Design O.C.D.


15. Use them in drawers.

Drawers can get very messy, very quickly – but here’s the best solution!

via The Kitchn / Emma Christensen


16. Organising games, puzzles, and toys.

Click here for a complete playroom organisation tutorial!

via Making lemonade


17. Organise coupons, cards, letters and other documents.

Never lose that important paperwork again!

via kristina louisa


18. Amazingly creative coffee tables!

This is fantastic! Follow the steps here.

via IKEA Hackers


19. Sort out your special papers, tissues and gift bags.

Easy, practical, and pretty!

via The Nest Effect