18 90s Things That Modern-Day Kids Will Never Need To Worry About

Older people are always talking about how everything was better back in their day, but how true is that statement? Let’s take a look back to the 90s and see if things really have gotten better or worse.

1. Back in the days when all kids didn’t have smartphones and Snapchat, handwritten notes could be found all around the classroom.

© mjonbli

2. Nowadays, it’s so easy to download music, but back in the 90s, CDs were the only way to go!

© iAmPoeticSoul

3. Smartphones and iPods can fit into the tiniest pockets, but CD players were a little on the chunky side.

© _cash_me_outside_

4. We kept our precious home movies on VHS tapes, and if anyone ever taped over a wedding or birth, it was lost forever!

© tgraf86

5. Rewinding a VHS tape was time-consuming and not very nice to look at!

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6. Real 90s kids will definitely remember this classic cell phone game.

© Madame Fortuna

7. It’s hard to know why these things were so popular, but they were.

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8. Let’s be honest. These days, a lot of us pass the time on the toilet by playing on our smartphones. Back in the day, reading shampoo bottles was the only option.

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9. Back in the 90s, we all so desperately wanted to see the face of the mom from ‘Tom and Jerry’.

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

10. Ah, the smell of the box.

© Robert Downey Jr UK © pixabay

11. Downloading music onto phones wasn’t possible, so we would record our favorite hits and then set them as our ringtones!

© tolich.nnov

12. Sharing content from one phone to another would take a really long time…

© Johnny Ive

13. No 90s kid’s bedroom was complete with some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

© Georgia Werkeser © Galaxy World

14. Okay, they’re not exactly as exciting as the 3DS, but these little water games were a ton of fun!

© Raquel

15. Remember that one bit of cord that just wouldn’t go with the flow?

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16. Want to use the internet? Okay, well you’re not allowed to use the phone at the same time.

17. British 90s kids will remember how good these tasted.

© wikimedia © Bodo

18. Old Windows screensavers were the best!