17 Problems That Mechanics Have Actually Faced

Sometimes you just need some professional help with your mechanics. However, a lot of people actually like to do things themselves, even if they don’t have the technical expertise for it. Well, these people royally screwed things up and we’re glad for it!

1. I like that the mechanics had to tell him not to eat the burrito.

redditu | SeanDubE36

2. This customer’s truck was making a ringing noise.

redditu | arbili

redditu | arbili

3. What is happening here?

redditu | wootpriest

4. When you don’t change the oil on your machine.

redditu | slothsandstuffyeh

redditu | slothsandstuffyeh

5. This customer was in need of some blinker fluid.

redditue | handa21

6. #4 is plain stupid.

redditu | toekneegg

7. Oregano can spice up your engine.

redditu | tumadreporfavor

redditu | tumadreporfavor

8. This has gone horribly wrong.

redditu | ImGonnaObamaYou

redditu | ImGonnaObamaYou

9. Is this a joke, or is he for real?

redditu | Timetocallitquits

10. Doing donuts got you like…

redditu | meowsmcdermick

11. That’s what happens when you drive over a mattress.

redditu | lindseycake

12. This is not going to work you know.

redditu | Valsartan

redditu | Valsartan

13. That is one decrepit body.


redditu | Mcarey88

14. An attempt to take off the headlights…

redditu | [deleted]

15. Sea foam or spray foam, they’re all the same.

redditu | burnafterreading91

16. Too Fast Too Furious.

redditu | Ratmotored57

17. Speed brace.

redditu | lekplepi