17 Incredible Facts For Fans Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Mother is easily one of the world’s favorite sitcoms. The classic show finished a while ago, but still has a huge following and a big influence on modern pop culture. Let’s learn some fascinating facts that even the show’s biggest fans won’t know!

1. Ted went out with a total of 29 women over the course of the show.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite womanizer, Barney Stinson, dated around 60 girls.

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2. Lily and Marshall didn’t actually kiss a lot on-screen because Jason Segel reportedly had bad breath.

Alyson Hannigan revealed that Segel often stank of cigarettes, so she requested to cut down the number of kisses between them.

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3. Every single scene featuring Ted’s kids was shot in the early days of production. This was done to prevent the kids having to be called in again and again over the years.

This means that the child actors actually knew how the show was going to end way before anyone else!


4. Whenever Barney invented some random statistic, it would always involve the number 8, 3, or 83.


5. Robin Sparkles classic song “Let’s Go To The Mall” is actually playable on the video game Just Dance 3.


6. The real-life husbands of Neil Patrick Harris (Barney), Cobie Smulders (Robin), and Alyson Hannigan (Lily) all made cameo appearances on the show.

Neil Patrick Harris’ husband portrayed Scooter, Cobie Smulders’ husband portrayed GNB’s Blauman, and Alyson Hannigan’s husband portrayed WWN host, Sandy Rivers.


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7. Despite what you might believe, the show was never filmed in front of a live studio audience.

So how did they get that laugh track? Well, they’d film an episode and then screen it in front of an audience in order to record the reactions.


8. Many of the amusingly-named websites on the show really do exist, including stinsonbreastreduction.com and canadiansexacts.org.

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9. “The Bro Code” was invented by the show and is still cited all around the world to this day.


10. Neil Patrick Harris really does know how to do magic tricks.


11. The clock in Marhsall and Ted’s place was always set to 4:20.


12. Throughout the show, we see Barney repeatedly fail to use chopsticks.

He does manage to pull it off in one episode in season 7 though.


13. Jim Parsons, commonly known as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, auditioned for the role of Barney. It would’ve been a very different show with him in that role!


14. Jason Segel’s reaction to his character’s father’s death was totally genuine. The team decided to keep the storyline a secret from him in order to get a better reaction.

Naturally, the scene was filmed in just one take.


15. We all know that Marshall was the slam dunk champion of his high school. Well, in real life, Jason Segel was also a great basketball player.


16. Dozens of A-list stars made cameos on the show, but the cast were most excited to meet Tim Gunn.


17. We only saw Alyson Hannigan’s pregnant belly one time on-screen: after she won the hot dog eating competition.


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