16 Yearbook Photos And Captions That Are Just Winning!

We all love a good yearbook photo don’t we? After four years stuck inside a high school hierarchy, we all need something to help us look back at the days. However, some people rightfully take the yearbook photos less seriously than others. So look at these hilarious yearbook photos and think about your own high school days!

1. They’ll be together for life.

Twitter | @_PrettyGrlRants

2. He’s positively aglow!

Instagram | @kalesalad

3. Really dude?

Instagram | @yearbook.wins

4. But our yearbook captions are.

Twitter | @joetam

5. Ooh burn!

Reddit | freshfantastic

6. Good going.

Reddit | ethanshade

7. So we know which era these yearbook photos are from.

Reddit | Xited

8. Confidence.

Instagram | @rachelle.plaass

9. Shame on you!


10. Couldn’t resist.

Instagram | @not.perfect.928

11. Setting them straight.

Instagram | @yearbooksnapss

12. “I’ve got elsewhere to be.”

Instagram | @theorlandojones

13. How’d they manage that?

Instagram | @paramramirez

14. Says Joseph and no one else.

Instagram | @dromama

15. She’s woke!

Instagram | @mamaracq

16. Oh dearie me… don’t Google that, please.

Twitter | @DarrenNestola

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