16 Times A Perfectly Good Day Was Ruined

Only occasionally do you feel like your life is sorted and perfect. However, those moments don’t last long, and very soon get ruined.

Happiness and true contentment is fleeting. And it’s usually followed by an event that sees your contentment ruined, either because of financial problems, relationship problems, or any other.

These 16 images will show you how perfect moments can so easily be ruined.

1. When your peace of mind is ruined by your anxious brain.

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2. That’s the perfect response.

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3. Can’t blame them for trying.

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4. When your whole day is ruined.


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5. When your only day of fun is ruined by Todd!

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6. “Oh good, you’re up!”

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7. How tragic!

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8. That’s the worst combination of words.

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9. Seriously people! Haven’t we had enough?

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10. Can you not understand hyperbole? Also, do you have nothing better to do than count calculators?

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11. Burn!

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12. When your ride is ruined.

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13. When the pizza is all messed up.

This is the worst!

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14. Photobombed by an actual bomb.

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15. Amen indeed!

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16. When even your teachers can’t handle you.

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