16 Reasons Why Fashion Can Be Crazy

We love to look back at the fashion trends of years gone by, and sometimes the fashion choices back in the day weren’t particularly great. Here are examples of our fashion choices which we wish we could forget!


1. Missing Half The Jeans Yet You Still Wear Them?

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2. And The Point Of The Heels Here Is? …

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3. Even Construction Needs Some Fashion Statements

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4. Who Let The Parrot In?

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5. Who Would Actually Agree To Do This? I Just Can’t …

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6. Well At Least Your Supermarket Had The Latest Trends

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7. Why Did Someone Believe That These Should Exist?

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8. When Taking Out The Bins Got Expensive

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9. Oh We All Love Dressing Up In Our Favourite Furniture Pieces

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10. It Would Be Depressing To Even Buy This

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11. There’s Some Panda Loving Going On Here

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12. Hey, You Want To See What’s In My Purse? Have A Look …

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13. I’m Not Even Going To Comment On This One

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14.Here We Go With Chokers Again … So Not Cool

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15. Yes Exactly What We Need – A Walking Imessage

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16. You Know Cheetos Right? …

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