16 People That Should Just Stay Where They Are

Some people are born with amazing talents, whether that be writing or drawing for example. Then there are the others, who think that can do these things, but in reality they can’t!  Take a look at these 16 people we think should just stay in their day job


1. Okay so clearly there has been a mistake here

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2. Hmmm, something not quite right about this tiling

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3. Surely no one knows someone who looks like this, I apologise if you do!

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4.You can’t be good at both T-shirt designs and Geography …

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5. Oops, he made a slight mistake with that, don’t tell his wife

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6. They must be doing something wrong

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7. Just walk away …




8. What use is the milk on the outside of a bowl!?

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9. I’ll just plant the trees when I want to …

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10. Ah screw it, call us what you want

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11. Phil just can’t handle those dinosaurs, god damn it

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12. That’s one way to describe them

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13. Don’t be giving this out to your children

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14. Aw man, how can you be so stupid

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15. Now come on, this needs to be stopped before it goes any further

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16. I know the feeling

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