16 People Making Terrible Life Decisions

Some people just find it hard to navigate through life. I mean, we don’t expect people to be perfect, but maybe try not being such a mess?

You don’t have to be a genius in life, but don’t be as dumb as some of these people and their stupid decisions.

1. Catching up on some TV shows on the way to work.


2. Messing with the handicapped. That’s just cruel.


3. Shouldn’t his parents be stopping him, rather than taking his picture?

reddit | cannonflake

4. In case the stationary cycle toppled him.

The Chive

5. Have they gone their whole life not having figured this out? Maybe no one bothered telling them.


6. When you hit rock bottom.


reddit | MasterofNuns

7. That might not be the most efficient way to work.

reddit | somecallmemike

8. There’s definitely a story behind the person who put this up.

reddit | Cynepkokc

9. Do you not know how the human anatomy works?

reddit | ntheg111

10. Treating your lawn like an art installation.

reddit | TgaGuy

11. So that the book doesn’t get dirty?

reddit | AdamBarnhouse

12. Dude, that’s not why people have been carrying that stick around.

reddit | holaq

13. Check out that guy in the background.

reddit | wrong_game

14. When life becomes a burden.

reddit | BUSEYS

15. Christmas is over.


reddit | Ziplock189

16. A lesson we all need to learn.

reddit | IKrato

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