16 Parents Who Are Setting Up #ParentGoals

As kids we often spend a lot of time hating or being annoyed at our parents.

We find their inability to cope with modern life amusing and laughable, and we take our parents for granted. But as we grow older, we realise just all the things our parents might have done for us. So here’s to all the under-appreciated parents who have been setting up #ParentGoals all along!

1. Girls aren’t always damsels in distress!

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2. A bit harsh maybe?

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3. Parents always try to keep up with their kids…

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4. That’s what we all think.

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5. Forced to be together.

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6. You never win!

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7. You know you’re winning when your kids would commit hypothetical violence on their hypothetical alternative-moms for you.


8. Parents are always supportive!

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9. Parents can be sneaky.


10. Parents who just gotta’ have fun!

Putting a roller coaster in the backyard is about as cool as it gets.

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11. This dad knows just how to prevent his daughters from wearing short shorts!

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12. Facing your fears.

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13. When you’re lost without your significant other.

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14. Serves you right…

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15. Getting things done.

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16. Dad and daughter tea parties are precious!

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