16 Jason Statham Facts That Prove He's As Hardcore As His On Screen Characters

You probably know of Jason Statham as the action hero always engaged in fierce dangerous action sequences.

You might think he might not be the same in real life. However, these 16 facts prove that Jason Statham is just as dangerous off screen!

1. He started off as a model.

However, he only scowled and brooded in his pictures. This expression caught Guy Ritchie’s attention.


2. Even before his modeling days, Jason Statham was a diver.

He competed in the 3m Springboard and the 10m Platform events for the British National Team.

Daily Mail

3. Jason Statham is great at Chess.

He used to play against Guy Ritchie, who is apparently awful at chess.

Everything Noir

4. Even before his diving days, Jason Statham was a street seller.

He used to sell items in the streets of London with his father.

Rant Chic

5. His history of street selling actually helped with one of his first auditions.

Guy Ritchie asked him to sell him fake jewelry, and he was so convincing that he could actually leave the audition with Ritchie’s money. This is how he was cast in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


6. He repeatedly failed his driving tests.

He was apparently a very rash driver. However, the lack of a license didn’t stop him from driving.

Movie Citizens

7. Jason Statham has starred in a Kit Kat advertisement.

8. No one knows which year Jason Statham was actually born.

Some say it’s 1967 and others say it’s 1972.


9. Jason Statham is his own stuntman.

In fact, he believes the Academy Awards should also award stuntmen.

Moustache Magazine

10. His helicopter stunts in Crank were all performed by him.

He dangled 2,000 feet above L.A. with nothing but a cable and a belt.

Rio Rancho

11. The opening scene in The Expendables could have cost him his life.

Sylvester Stallone decided that Jason Statham should be the one to fire the nose guns. As they later found out, the engine had been leaking and it’s a miracle that the plane didn’t crash and burn.

The Reel Rhino

12. Jason Statham refused to pose with the Playboy girls and was consecutively asked to leave the Playboy Mansion.

He appeared in a bathrobe but didn’t want to pose with the girls. As a result he was escorted out by 5 security personnel.

Entertainment Mela

13. Jason Statham has been arrested for driving a golf cart on a freeway.

He was driving around with Kristin Cavallari. However, they were let off with just a warning.


14. Jason Statham loves playing Soccer.

He is a floating player for the Hollywood United Football Club.

Daily Mail

15. Jason Statham had an incredibly rigorous Death Race workout regime.

The routine made him lose 16 pounds in 3 months!

Bodybuilding | GutRott

16.  The Crank sex scene came as an actual shock to the extras.

Jason Statham and Amy Smart’s public sex scene shocked everyone around. The expression on their face was real.


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