16 Images That Are A Little Scary, And A Lot Funny

We all love a little bit of humor, and a little bit of spine-tingling fear. Here, we have combined the two for your enjoyment. 

1. Ah, young love.

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2. Fro-fection.

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3. In case you weren’t aware…

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4. Well, there are pro’s and con’s in most aspects of life.

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5. Nailed it.

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6. She has such a great smile.

via Twitter / @DumbPeopleAsf

7. Keep you’re eyes open.

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8. It’s kinda hard to get around, but it’s worth it.

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9. Epic family reunion.

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10. He was caught with some solid greenery.

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11. Don’t say she didn’t warn you.

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12. This is abuse, plain and simple.

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13. It’s an important skill to have.

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14. A complete legend, that’s what.

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15. Totally extraterrestrial.

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16. This would make the ultimate horror movie.

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