16 Hilarious Interactions With Uber Drivers

Uber is slowly going to make regular taxis a thing of the past. Fact. No one wants to wait around the sidewalk for Taxis anymore. These days we can just get an Uber to come and pick us up wherever we are!

However, people also have a lot of funny and relatable Uber incidents, and we’ve compiled some of them here.

1. That’s just $8? Wow!

reddit | GiggleParty

2. The GPS went crazy!

reddit | Z33calin

3. Wow this person was real impressed!

reddit | straightCletus

4. This Uber driver has learnt the secret of transportation.


5. Wow that’s a lot of distance to cover!

reddit | lotttiiee

6. It was almost perfect.

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

7. That’s a very personal feedback.


8. Uber drivers must be paid handsomely.

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9. Yeah, I don’t think so.


10. That’s how you get revenge.

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11. This person just wanted the comfort of an Uber. That’s it.

reddit | uhcougars1151

12. Clever.

Twitter | @nickbilton

13. Will his Uber be available?

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14. Uber drivers can have a sense of humor.

Twitter | @GreatestUbers

15. Sometimes they need to keep their distance…

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16. But perhaps don’t ride with drunk drivers next time.

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