16 Gorgeous Purple Nail Polish Ideas

Nothing makes your outfit pop like these deep purples!

From solid color polish, to extravagent patterns, going purple will always hook your outfit up!


1. This deep, simple shade of purple is so lovely!

Sometimes there’s so much joy in the simple things…

via Google+ / ELLE


2. This dark purper contrasted with white leaves room for customization.

Look at those whisps and glitter!

via Finger Nail Polish Designs


3. Who knew purple leopard print could be so fitting?

The glitter just adds that luxurious touch.

via Instagram / @strawbrie


4. You can never go wrong with stripes like these.

Stripes make for a super classy look every time.

via Nailside


5. Gems, glitter, sugar and spice

via Frimmbits


6. This sharp cat-like look goes great with an accent.

via Luminous Nails


7. Nothing is more fun than these turquoise polka-dots!

They call it the peppermint patty- how perfect!

via Steph’s Closet


8. Get ready for a night on the dance floor with these fun zig-zags and glitter!

via Instagram / @nailsofjessiek


9. The silver stripes and confetti glitter give this royal purple a badge of honor.

via Boombastic Nails


10. Like Victorian wallpaper, this floral stenciling is sure to boost up the class!

via flickr / colorlvr


11. Dark purple gives you the edge you need.

The one glittered nail accents it perfectly!

via Glam Radar


12. What a weave!

And just look at all those purples!

via Instagram / @aubreyhannah


13. A matte finish makes your nails as slick as a race car!

via HD Wallpapers


14. Black and purple should be best friends…

via The Polish Well


15. This glitter perfection looks best in deep purple!

via Nailz Art


16. What an amazing marbled pattern, can you do it?

via Globe & Nail

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