16 Disturbing Images That Make It Hard To Understand Other Humans

Sometimes, you’ll be innocently scrolling through your Facebook feed and a ghastly image will appear out of nowhere and permanently scar your unsuspecting eyes. Read on if you are a fan of the gross and gruesome. 


1. Because we all want our homes to smell like the Austrian Schnitzel House…

via reddit / dilcue


2. Imagine being that security guard…

via Imgur / adoratious


3. With that kind of personal hygiene, you know he means business.

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4. Mmm, meat juice!

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5. Such important questions.

via Imgur / Nicksparkes


6. Can’t say anyone else would attempt this.

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7. Who would actually do this?

via Imgur / preh1storic


8. I’d take it back, then walk out, then drop a match.

via Instagram / @wonderwoma6036


9. Just think, that thing was flapping around in your face all night.

via Imgur / Shadowman3015


10. I think you just LOST this artist business.

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11. I’ll just go hungry, thanks.

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12. This is so unsanitary! Why isn’t anyone stopping this?

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13. You are doing this all wrong, lady!

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14. Agh, I think you got ripped off.

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15. That is, ah, commitment.

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16. I just lost my appetite.

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