16 Customer Service People Who Know Just How To Deal With You

Customer service is a thankless job. You have to wait and stare out a window all day long, and the only interactions you have with people largely comprise them screaming at you for no reason!

However, these 16 examples of customer service are just sheer genius!


1. McDonalds got sass!

Instagram | @flamingo.face


2. Can’t deal with your specific demands.

reddit | MySubtleKnife


3. Great, you just got Hulk Hogan fired!

Twitter | @sainsburysnewsTwitter | @OctoberJones


4. They write what they hear.

Imgur | JazzyCoolCat


5. When the customer service speaks your language.

Twitter | @ArgosHelpers


6. A vibrator and a pen!

reddit | _janson


7. Gotcha!

reddit | cjboomshaka


8. Be careful what you ask for.



9. This customer service is out to ruin your Instagram!

reddit | bemyfuse


10. Starbucks has mad humor!

Pleated Jeans


11. Who are they to question your name?

Imgur | JazzyCoolCat


12. You got what you wanted, now be grateful!

reddit | techguy90


13. “You want the frosting? I’ll give you the frosting! I’ll give you all the frosting you need!”

reddit | denimOwl


14. Didn’t expect this from Starbucks.

reddit | stufoonoob


15. In lieu of a severance pay.



16. That’s what you get for being picky.

Imgur | ImNotReallyHere

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