16 Blatant Liars Who Got Caught Out In Their Bogus Stories

Sometimes, the truth may be less than flattering. But, getting caught out trying to hide the truth, well, that’s just plain humiliating. 


1. Look, maybe she tried… and failed miserably.

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2. Wait for it…

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3. Pot, kettle, black.

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4. Ouch. Always do your research.

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5. This escalated fast!

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6. Mums always ruin the fun.

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7. When Nanna is just trying to get on board…

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8. …then some guy steals her selfie for a laugh…

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9. …but gets called out for it. Leave Nan alone!

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10. Careful, there’s always a sleuth out there.

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11. Nice try. Next time, remove evidence from the crime scene.

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12. The dictionary makes mistakes? Life as we know it is over.

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13. So, what is the truth?

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14. Just post the selfie. Why lie?

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15. Oh, Tina…

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16. Are you sure you’re not lying?

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