15 Times Where People Have Gone Full Savage

Savage should really be the word of 2016 – it sums up basically 99% of what happens on the internet. As long as you’re not involved it can be pretty funny. Have a look at these brutal comments left online, I feel sorry for them!

1. Bet she regrets that now …

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2. Jeez mom …

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3. Hypocrisy – a lesson he still has to take

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4. Dad’s just doing it right

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5. Damn, he’s right

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6. When you accidentally lost your child

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7. Aw I love that sound

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8. Yep … these people are on fire with their observations

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9. Not something you brag about, each to their own I guess

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10. Aaaaand back down to earth, thanks mom

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11. What a poor child

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12. She was never ugly

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13. Grocery store for life … and puffs

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14. Walmart joining in on the savagery

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15. Well, good luck explaining that one

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