15 People Who Are Trying So Hard To Make You Laugh

There are some people who just can’t help themselves. For some reason or another, they think they’re hilarious. The truth is that they’re about as much fun as a deflated beach ball. Still, we can’t stop them, so let’s try and get a few laughs out of their terrible jokes! 

1. Har-har.

Imgur | oozabooza

2. Great work, Hope.

Imgur | oozabooza

3. We see what you did there.

Imgur | HerrWombat

4. More entertaining than soccer?


5. The poor butterfly will never have his wings.

Imgur | aly72514

6. Pretty obvious.

Imgur | ImGuiltyOfaRepost

7. Can anyone lend the computer a few bucks?

Imgur | CheapScientist

8. Dad joke.

Imgur | peterdesilvey

9. Awesome pun.


Reddit | danceswithwool

10. It’s the thought that counts.

Reddit | SofaSoGood

11. The career in science he always dreamed of.

Reddit | NZTau

12. Damn, mom!

Imgur | epics52

13. You’ll need a cold shower to recover from that burn.

Twitter | @scenestreamapp

14. This just doesn’t make sense.

Reddit | wecantwin1

15. They asked for a little drawing inside the pizza box…

Reddit | [deleted]

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