15 Mistakes That Should Never Have Happened

There are times when stupid decisions just cannot be undone. If only these folks had smarter people to hold their hand throughout life. Alas, then these beauties wouldn’t exist. 


1. Denim deformities.

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2. When a mistake actually rings true.

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3. When regrets are captured forever.

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4. Well, that ended before it even started.

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5. You’re so clever!

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6. Anarchy.

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7. So much wrong.

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8. Seriously?

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9. So unfortunate.

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10. When monsters are born.

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11. Who does this?!

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12. What a grim discovery!

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13. When the tattoo turns out terrible, but it’s not the artists fault.

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14. It’s an interesting talent to have?

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15. Not if it was the last cheeseburger on the planet.

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