15 Magical Movie Moments You've Lived Over And Over

Everyone knows their favorite moments within their most favourite films. You can often recite the lines, reenact the motions and call upon the memory whenever your like. 

Here are some great movie moments that may even overlap with your personal faves.


1. Tomb Raider: No one else but Angelina Jolie could have played Lara Croft.




2. Monster’s Ball: Every scene Halle Berry was in.

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3. American Pie: Shannon Elizabeth was completely swoonworthy.

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4. Signs: Those alien sightings.



5. The Mask: Jessica Rabbit’s appearance was fabulous.

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6. Lion King: The kids may have missed this, but we definitely didn’t.

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7. Star Wars: A New Hope: The moment a Stormtrooper knocked his head on the top of the door.



8. The Little Mermaid: Apparently the priest had knobby knees, but as a kid we thought it was something else, and giggled every time.

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9. Basic Instinct: Sharon Stone with an IQ of 154.

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10. Fight Club: Most people believe they saw a man’s genitalia in this scene.

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11. Closer: Natalie Portman in a purple wig.




12. Dusk Till Dawn: Selma Hayek wrapped in a snake.

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13. Cabin In The Woods: The ‘monster board’ which included and “Kevin.”

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14. Wild Things: Denise Richards at her best.

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15. Spider-Man 2: Toby Maguire in this scene.