15 Facts You Never Knew About Natalie Dormer From Game Of Thrones

Games of Thrones, the more than popular TV series with amazing actors and characters throughout. Natalie Dormer is one of those and here are some things you may not have known about your favourite Game of Thrones Actress. 

She is one of Britains well known actors and has starred in many hit TV programmes and shows throughout her young acting career.

1. She Belongs To A Long Line Of Royalty – Yes She Has Royal Blood

Yes that’s right, her ancestors were royalty.


2. She is fluent in French

She was even offered a position to study History at Cambridge University – a very smart women indeed!

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3. She’s A Member Of The London Fencing Academy

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4. She’s A Very Talented Singer Too


5. She Has Vowed That She Doesn’t Want To Be Known For Taking Her Clothes Off.

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6. She Is Always A Huge Poker Fan

“I love poker! … A lot of boys in my poker circle are mathematicians who play on probability. I don’t have that kind of brain, so I rely on instinct.”


7. She Was Bullied As A Child

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8. She Has A Unusual But Cute Smile

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“I have a naturally crooked smile… People call it a smirk, but it’s not, it’s just my natural smile with my lips closed. My sister has it too, it’s a family trait.”

9. She’s A Feminist

“[…] It really is crazy that the word ‘feminist’ can have negative connotations in 2014. It upsets me that the younger generation of women think it’s a dirty word, and associate it with a kind of militantism or a sense of female superiority. It’s not. It just means liberation, and equality.”

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10. She Took Ten Months Out From Acting


11. She Ran The 2014 and 2016 London Marathon On Behalf Of Barnardo’s

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12. She Gets Her Acting Personality From Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton – A Strange Combination


13. People Often Criticize Her Crooked Smile


“It really bugs me the way people criticize how actors look… I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking.”

14. Game Of Thrones Wasn’t Her First Time Playing A Royal Character

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15. She Is A Massive Fan of Yoga

“My yoga mat comes everywhere. Keeps me stretched out after sitting still on all those planes, trains and road journeys.”


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