15 Facts About Kat Dennings That Will Make You Love Her!

You might know Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls. Well, when she’s not starring in the hit sitcom, she’s being the most charming person ever! So take a look at these quick Kat Dennings facts and let us know if you’ve fallen in love with her yet!

1. Kat Dennings is the youngest of 6 siblings!


2. Her full name is Katherine V. Litwack. Sounds like royalty, doesn’t it?

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3. Her parents weren’t all onboard her decision to get into showbiz, but were supportive nonetheless.

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4. Kat Dennings is insanely smart, having graduated high school at 14!

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5. Kat Dennings made her first TV appearance in Sex and the City, as a spoilt rich brat.

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6. Her movie icon is Christopher Walken.

She says he inspired her to act!

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7. Kat Dennings is also a writer.

One of her scripts won the 2008 Black List of Best Unproduced Screenplays.

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8. Kat Dennings isn’t a “party girl.”

She doesn’t smoke, or drink, or party too often.

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9. Kat Dennings is a huge bookworm.

Apparently her Hollywood home has a stunning library!


10. She practices transcendental meditation.

This is a practice that helps remove stress from the physical body.

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11.  Kat Dennings didn’t so much as bat an eye when her nude pics were leaked.

She simply swiped it under the rug and we never heard of it again!

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12. Kat Dennings is nearsighted.

The glasses she wears onscreen are real.


13. She once tried (and failed) to dye her own hair a chocolaty shade with coffee beans!

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14. Josh Groben and Kat Dennings have been dating since 2014.

They’re officially #relationshipgoals.


15. She doesn’t much care for LA.

To quote her, “I was too different. I didn’€™t dye my hair, I didn’€™t have perfect teeth, and I was too pale. I€™’ve learned to live here all the same.”

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