15 Facts About Broke Girl Kat Dennings You Have To Know

You might know Kat Dennings from ‘2 Broke Girls’. If you follow her, you’d know that this is one charming and lovely lady! Just scroll through these 15 juicy tidbits and be all caught up!

1. Her full name is Katherine V. Litwack. Classy right?

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2. Kat Dennings is the youngest in a family of SEVEN!



3. She graduated from High School at the age of 14! Yup, she’s pretty damn smart.

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4. She is a follower of “transcendental meditation”.

This is a meditative technique by which to remove anxiety and stress from the physical body. Kat Dennings often vouches for it.

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5. Kat Dennings has poor vision.

The lenses she wears in movies are actually real. She is nearsighted.



6. Kat Dennings keeps away from smoke, drinks, or that kind of “party” lifestyle.

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7. Her parents disagreed with her ambitions to make a career in showbiz.

However, it seems they were pretty supportive of her regardless.

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8. Kat Dennings first made a cameo appearance in Sex and the City.

She played the role of a bratty rich girl.

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9. Her favorite actor is Christopher Walken.

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10. Kat Dennings loves reading books.

It is said that her Hollywood home has a really impressive library.



11. Kat Dennings is also a screenwriter!

Her script won the 2008 Black List of Best Unproduced Screenplays.

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12. She once tried to achieve that chocolaty shade of hair with a DIY coffee beans dye.

Apparently she failed miserably at the attempt.

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13. Kat Dennings isn’t a big fan of L.A.

“I was too different. I didn’€™t dye my hair, I didn’€™t have perfect teeth, and I was too pale. I€™’ve learned to live here all the same.”

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14. Kat Dennings has been dating Josh Groben since 2014.



15. Kat Dennings was the victim of a nude photo leak. But she didn’t give a damn.

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