15 Easy Ways To Get Superb Looking Hair

Looking good is what it’s all about; we are a nation that wants to look and feel good, and whats a better way of doing that than taking care of our hair. Have a look at these awesome ways to keep our hair looking healthier and feeling great. 


1. Take advantage of vitamin D

Your daily dose of Vitamin D will ensure you hair is kept healthy looking at all times.

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2. Pick the perfect products for you

Some products can actually do more harm than good, so it’s important to make sure you take the time to choose the right products for your hair.

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3. Eat food that is rich from iron and zinc

Iron and zinc are great for helping your hair grow, which leaves you with longer and lusher looking hair.

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4. Make use of paste

It may sound weird, but if you mash up banas and avocado you can get an excellent paste to massage into your roots.

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5. Get used to the cold water

It may not sound ideal, but actually rinsing your hair with cold water has a lot of positive features for your hair. The coldness of the shower actually traps in moisture.

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6. Make sure you drink plenty of water

This one is self explanatory really, water is good for your system and therefore drinking plenty of water will help maintain your healthy locks.

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7. Eat the right type of foods

Although it may sound disgusting, but fat is really important. Apart from being a vital part of survivial, it also helps boost the shine and softness in your hair.

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8. Make use of eggs and oil

These products are great to maintain healthy hair. It’s simple – mix egg yolks and olive oil along with water and hey presto, massage that into your hair and rinse off when done. You’ll notice the difference within months.

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9. Soak your ends with coconut oil

Work the coconut oil into your ends and leave overnight. It’s a magical thing.

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10. Treat yourself to a gelatin maskMake a gelatin mask

Gelatin masks help with the protein you have in your hair and makes your hair both stronger and shinier.

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11. Bottoms Up

It’s a well known fact that beer helps with the shininess of the hair. It’s packed full of proteins and helps thicken and smoothes the hair.

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12. Have a healthy start to the day with oats

Oats are fantastic to give you a lot of the vital nutrients you need to maintain healthy hair. Just remember, if you don’t eat your oats your hair may become brittle.

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13. Aloe massage – go on, treat yourself

Use aloe as a massaging mask, you’ll see results straight away

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14. Don’t live with hard water

Soft water actually makes a difference, it doesn’t make your hair soft and can lead to your hair being tangled up, not nice!

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15. Why don’t you give this one a try

It’s made by mixing apple cider vinegar, glycerin, egg and castor oil.

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H/T: WikiHow